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Argentine-Belgium and Germany-France: past revenges come back! Brazil-Colombia: possible surprise?

Germany-France, Argentine-Belgium. Past acts of revenge come back, often!

The Joachim Low's team, after its win against Algeria, another important football remake 32 years after, will challenge France, today. In 1982, at Spanish World Cup and in 1986, during Mexican competition, the German National team won against the French team and its leader, Michael Platini. Today, Didier Deschamps wants to go on, giving to all French people the final at Maracanà stadium. 16 years after its first historic win and the defeat, by penalties, against Italy 8 years ago, the same French National team seeks its second world title. Argentine-Belgium: "another great match and revenge". The Wilmots's team, a true surprise of this Brazilian edition, wants to arrive at the semifinal. "The worst nightmare of 1986 is still devastating its mind". Diego Armando Maradona; "The God's Hand" was invincible, so Bilardo's National team arrived at won final against Germany. "The same World Cup final, four years later".


Belgium has struggled against the US a little, but wants to enter into the history; the same dreamt by Holland. The Orange team will challenge another great surprise, Costa Rica of Bryan Ruiz leader. Brazil-Colombia: "Neymar against James Rodriguez". "Nightmare again". This the huge Colombian dream: "seeing Selecao's tears, after 1950". Brazil isn't playing good; only penalties and a big fortune have sentenced Chile. The football match is full of question marks. "Fun is sure, other surprises? It is possible".






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