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Capello and CR7 go home! Algeria wants to write a new history's page

Capello and CR7, go home!

"The Kokorin’s scored goal; the worst illusion for Russia. Akinfeev, its "nightmare". Algeria found the draw, during the second half time, due to an incredible error of the Russian goalkeeper who gave the same 1-1 to Algerian player, Slimadi. Russia eliminated after two drawn matches and one defeat against Belgium which won against South Corea 1-0, yesterday, so winning the first position in its group. Cesare Prandelli, Alberto Zaccheroni and, now, also Fabio Capello. Three Italian coaches who failed their "Brazilian mission".


Germany-USA, the challenge for the first position. Thomas Muller scored the win's goal by a shot, which put the ball on the left corner, at 55' of the second half time. "An unuseful win for Portugal against Ghana". A Boye own goal gave the first point for Portugal. During the second half time, Gyan scored the draw, but Cristiano Ronaldo found the final 2-1. Desperation for CR7 who comes back home.

Italy, England, Spain and Portugal. Four National teams who said "goodbye", after only the first round. Brazil and Argentine, the only continental teams which could win the title. Germany, Holland and France, the European teams who could fight to arrive in Rio de Janeiro's final. "A possible surprise? Pay attention to Belgium".




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