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Juventus: three scored goals, "scudetto" very near

Sassuolo-Juventus 1-3 (foto)"Juventus, Italian championship is your". The Antonio Conte's team won against Sassuolo, after a great football match, started poorly, for first scored goal by the striker, Simone Zaza.

Giovinco-Llorente: the gold couple of Juventus at Friuli Stadium

udinese juventus llorente 720x432Juventus won, at Friuli Stadium, against Udinese and the score's difference, in the Serie A ranking, between Antonio Conte's team and FC Rome, is about 8 points.

"Double Llorente, great Juventus: Taarabt-Honda, Devil Milan come back"

llorente tevezGo Fernando! Juventus won the Monday night's match against Livorno, increasing its distance from FC Rome. The only protagonist of the same football game was the Spanish striker Fernando Llorente.

Chile's earthquake: damage, death and huge desperation

terremoto cile"8.2 of the Ritcher scale". The most terrible earthquake to has destroyed Chile.

Great Scuffet! Inter-Udinese 0-0, a lost opportunity for Inter Milan

Inter Milan-Udinese 0-0 (photo Simone Scuffet)"Only 0-0". Inter Milan lost an excellent opportunity to be more near to Fiorentina, after its defeat against FC Milan on Wednesday evening.

Serie A: Florenzi-goal at 91', the worst sentence for Granata team

Roma-Torino 2-1 (foto Alessandro Florenzi)FC Rome won the first football match of 30th Italian championship's round. A severe defeat for Turin team which played a good game.

Serie A: Roma-Napoli, "the Gold wins"

RomaA lucky Monday night for Roma football team and Napoli FC. Its captain, Francesco Totti, has come back after a long injury and scored the first goal, against Udinese, at 22' minutes from kick off.

"One year with Pope Francis"

Pope Francis (photo1)"Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening". So Josè Mario Bergoglio started his new adventure as a new Pope one year ago, after Joseph Ratzinger's dismission one month before his election.

Travelling: a fantastic sensation with Unimog

Unimog (photo1)Pictures which tell an unforgettable done travelling by Unimog, around Turkey and Oman. The new "son" of Daimler wants to show its power.