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Orient Festival 2015- Padua: "an Oriental pleasant air, finally"

Birman, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Tibet. Not only six names, but many other countries that arrive in Italy, every year, explaining us cultures, histories, traditions, and what does it mean living in the Oriental countries.

"Unforgettable Natalie"

"Inseparable" her first album, 40 years ago. "Unforgettable....with love", her famous song, considered as a true hymn in the US, still today.

Mog's Christmas Calamity: “Did you have a terrible accident? There always is someone could help you.”

"Don't turn on all broken plug-ins, electricity could be fatal".

Harakiri Karachinics, G20 Turkey: “Never say cats if they were not on the stage.”

“Never say cat if you haven’t it into the sack”. Famous sentence of the Italian coach, Giovanni Trapattoni.

"Silence et le respect."

Today, Chinics News decides to stop all daily news to respect all victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris and the rest of the world.

Binary option: "saving" for people or utopia?

Binary options; “the survey of people from poverty”. Around the world, many people are investing some their money, using binary options program.

Giorgio Tuscani: an unhappy infant, become artist

Giorgio Israel Tuscani. Italian native, American adoption.

"Creativity and historical people": street art in Milan

Porta Ticinese and Pio IV street, between Navigli and Duomo square.

"Heaven n Back": Ginny Vee tells the "american dream"

“The American dream”. How many people usually want to realize an important project, during their life? How many people are afraid that not all dreams could become a reality? How many people are able to continue their projects and, finally, they can realize them? "All dreams could become true". “Heaven n Back”, the new EP of the singer, Ginny Vee, wants to demonstrate this and the same Ginny tells us how “Heaven n Back” was born?