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Movie, “rouge” or a lovely art picture: “That's Rome”

Photo02 RomeEnrico Guazzoni, Giovanni Pastrone and Fred Niblo.

Giulio Regeni, “one year on”: memory and silence live!

Giulio Regeni murder photo01Big yellow flags and switched on fire. Inside of Sapienza University in the morning and Piazza Montecitorio last yesterday evening.

Charlotte Guttenberg: "Tattoos her life"

Charlotte Guttenberg tattoos photoCharlotte Guttenberg. More 60 years old, retired, widow and located in Florida.

"Staring into space": the beauty of Mark Mook

beauty 1721060 960 720"A sounded upset feminity, pretty stared face how the image describes".

Edie Sedgwick: unfortunate Andy Warhol’s “woman”

Edie Sedgwick. American actress and model.

Twitter, Board of Director: “welcome to Bret Taylor”

Bret Taylor. Both MS and BS diploma at the Stamford University in Computer Science.

“FCA Replay”: all the best of Fiat Chrysler

Jeep Renegade photoThe quality of the motor system, speed, the wheels force, the capacity to show a great road-holding giving a comfortable running without any problem.

Orlando's massacre: the Flight Attendant Association stand with families' victims

"The Association of Flight Attendants joins together as one, heads bowed in mourning for the victims of the massacre in Orlando.

Orlando-Florida: shooting and shock. “Folly of the human rubbish”

Strage Orlando foto"Fun, dancing, before". After 02 a.m., the drama has been started.